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We know that no two clients are the same; therefore all accounts are managed independently. Our goal is to maximize after-tax return and this is accomplished through a customized bond portfolio tailored to your particular tax status and cash flow needs. We accomplish superior returns by utilizing established risk management strategies, objective research and experienced trading. We use a sophisticated portfolio management system that provides valuable, up-to-date information enabling us to monitor and evaluate changes in the market. Everything from the structure of your portfolio to the quarterly reports you'll receive are customized.

Please find attached, a sample report that has been customized to meet one of our clients reporting objectives.

Cypress Capital Partners will identify customized solutions designed to meet your investment needs, while emphasizing the maximization of after-tax returns. Municipal bonds are among the most popular types of fixed-income investments available today because they offer a wide range of benefits:

· High degree of safety regarding payment of interest and repayment of principal.

· Predictable stream of income.

· Marketability in the event you sell before maturity.

· Diversity with a wide range of choices to fit your investment objectives with regard to investment quality, maturity, choice of Issuer, type of bond and geographical location.

Tax-exempt or taxable bonds?

Let us help you decide which alternative is best for you. Tax-exempt municipal bonds provide interest income free from federal and, in some cases, state and local taxes. Taxable municipal bonds can be more advantageous depending on your tax situation and state of residency.

Cypress Capital is 100% employee owned and is registered with the SEC as an indpendent Investment advisor.
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